Monster Challenge Winners

Thank you to all students who participated in the Monster Challenge! And a special congratulations goes to the three winners in the visual and written categories. Together, those six students won $3,500 in prize money (and priceless glory)!

We were so impressed with the creativity on display in this competition. You can see for yourself at the Monster Challenge award ceremony and exhibition opening.

Monster Challenge Exhibition

Washington University, Olin Library
Gingko Room (Room 140)
On view through December 10



Ethan evans, “Dialogue”
(grand prize)

A symphonic musical piece.


sarah adcock, “vaccus”
(2nd place)

Textile art.

Image to come

jack frischer, “frankenstein chapter 12”
(3rd place)

Book art.


written CATEGORY

Anna Konradi, “The Amnesiac”
(Grand Prize)

When Zelly McClellan is four, she falls off the roof of her uncle’s brand-new jeep. Her fall is muffled by the sound of summertime fireworks, and it takes a moment for anyone to realize she lies broken on the ground.


Sophie Tegenu, “The Last Syllable”
(2nd Place)

It was dark when I awoke. My teeth tasted bitter, my hood scratched against my forehead, my legs shook uncontrollably. I picked a cigarette up from the floor and noticed a thin trickle of blood on my charcoal coated fingertip.


Amanda Arbuckle, “Lights Out!”
(3rd Place)

“No harm in a few stories, right?” My friend, Jessica, said, laughingly. The wind eerily echoed her laughter. Outside, the trees’ branches swayed specter-like in the rain, as though dancing to the song of the storm.